making music for you
Let's Get Working
Let's do this thing.
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    How many weddings have the same bland music or recording as the bride walks down the aisle? Here at Pierce Music Productions, I specialize in writing music made specifically for you and your special event.
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    I want to work with you. I want this project to be exactly what you want. We'll work to make it happen, and the back and forth with my clients is what makes this thing work.
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    Why would you want to have an artist create an expensive piece for hundreds of dollars only for him to put it on his next album? That's why I deal in two sides: exclusive and non-exclusive. Contact me for pricing details, as no two projects are alike.
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    Simple. Elegant. Resonant. These are words people have described my pieces. I want you to listen to my pieces and not necessarily get blown away, but instead get transported away to another dimension of sounds and colors.